Canadian crop producers have made significant progress in sustainable agriculture, having adopting practices and technologies which have improved the efficiency of crop production and reduced environmental impacts. Two reports have been developed which demonstrate environmental progress for grain, oilseed and pulse crops in Western Canada and Ontario. Over a period of three decades, each crop shows an improvement in land use, soil loss, energy use and climate impact indicators. The improvement in sustainability of crop production is largely driven by a combination of yield improvements, reduced tillage, improved crop rotations and improved nutrient management which has occurred from 1981 to 2011.

The reports provide information on the environmental sustainability of peas, lentils, spring wheat, winter wheat, durum wheat, canola, oats, flax and soybeans in Western Canada and corn, soybeans and winter wheat in Ontario. An additional report will be developed in 2018 which will encompass data collected during the 2016 Census of Agriculture.

Application of Sustainable Agriculture Metrics to Canadian Field Crops – 1981-2011

Application of Sustainable Agriculture Metrics to Western Canadian Field Crops – 1986-2006

Application de métriques agricoles durables pour les cultures de l’Ouest canadien – 1986-2006